Saturday, April 28, 2012

Donkey Beads and Good Luck Charms

Donkey with good luck charms

Donkey Beads are made by rural residents in many Middle Eastern countries.  They are superstitious good luck stones worn around the neck of a donkey to protect the animals and to drive away evil spirits.  Donkey Beads are also known as ancient faience beads and traditional donkey beads are still being made in the holy city of Qom in Iran.

Donkey Beads by Anna Ratzesberger

Over the years they have been used as ornaments in jewelry and decoration for other purposes.  Today they are still considered to bring "good luck" to the owner.

Donkey Beads as jewelry

Donkey beads are made from quartz that is crushed, molded and glazed with cobalt.  The traditional colour is blue with slight variation and the entire process is done by hand.

Ancient Faience Beads


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    1. Thank you for sharing the Kharmohren. Blue beads. Iranian Faience Facebook page. The artwork is very creative and provides inspiration for future projects.