Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creating your own Mythical Beast

Are you fascinated by dragons, unicorns, griffins or other imaginary mythical beasts?  Even though these creatures exist only in imagination and myth, at some time they were considered real and others were based on real creatures originating from travelers' tales.  They appear in fantasy fiction, folklore and literature and sometimes explain ancient daily life. 

The dragon is serpent-like creature with large wings and the ability to breath fire.  In many stories, dragons are extremely intelligent creatures with the ability to use magic.  In Ancient China, the dragon was the sign of the emperors. 

Chinese Dragon

A unicorn is shaped like a horse but with a single, spiral horn growing out of its forehead.  They are a common symbol of purity with magical qualities or powers. 


Griffin (or gryphon) has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.  It usually has 4 legs, wings and a beak with eagle-like talons in place of the lions forearms.  This animal watched over gold mines and hidden treasures and the griffin is often seen in heraldry and architectural decorations. 


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