Saturday, November 26, 2011

Painting in the Style of Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky
Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky was born in 1866.  Originally a  lawyer, Kandinsky later in his 30s decides to pursue a career as an artist.  In 1896 he is inspired at a French art exhibition after viewing Claude Monet's Haystacks. 

"Haystacks" by Claude Monet

Kandinsky studied at a private art school in Munich for two years and begins to exhibit his work publicly.   In 1913 he exhibits work (The Garden of Love:  Improvisation Number 27, 1912) at the Amory Show in New York.  This is the first large exhibition of modern art in the United States.   

Garden of Love (Improvisation Number 27), 1912

After WWI breaks out, Kandinsky flees to to Moscow and later moves to Berlin to pursue teaching at the Bauhaus.  Kandinsky produces abstract works reflecting on his appreciation of colour and form.

Composition VIII, 1923

Several Circles, 1926

Kandinsky at the Guggenheim, New York

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