Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keith Haring for Kids

Keith Haring is an American artist born on May 4, 1958.  Haring loved to draw and make art and sometimes he made cartoons with many different characters and stories.  Haring loved to visit art museums and see modern art in places like Washington D.C.  After high school, he studied graphic design but later realized he wanted to make art in a new way.               

Street Dancers by Keith Haring

In 1978, Haring moved to New York City.   There were several young artists making art in the neighbourhoods and there was a lot of energy on the street.   Haring became friends with graffiti artists and musicians and he began to organize and participate in exhibitions and performances.  Haring was strongly committed to drawing.  When he noticed unused advertising panels in the subways, he knew it was the perfect place for him to draw.  He started making subway drawings every day.   In the subway, Haring experimented with simple lines and people of all ages liked to watch him make hundreds of drawings.  Haring started to become famous and appeared on TV and in the newspaper. 

Keith Haring drawing in subway

Haring also started showing his work in art galleries where many people started to buy them.  Haring's work became popular and he traveled around the world to places like Europe and Japan.  He even painted the side of a church in Italy. 

Church of Sant'Antonio in Pisa, Italy

His paintings and sculptures became very expensive and he wanted everyone to be able to buy his work.  He decided to open a POP shop to sell his artwork on posters, buttons, T-shirts and games.

Haring also worked with children in schools.  Together they painted large murals and he made paintings and sculptures for schools and hospitals in many places.

Haring became sick and died in 1988.  Haring's artwork is still popular today and can be found in museums, books, posters, TV and the internet.  Haring wanted everyone to make art, especially children.


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