Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Art of Myths, Legends and Stories

For centuries, humans attempt to explain the origins of the sun, moon and stars.  Although the terms legend and folktale are used interchangeably with myth, each is distinct and has a specific purpose.  

Myth - is a sacred story from the past.  It may explain the origin of the universe or moral values in human terms.  Myths describe the powers who control the human world and the relationship between those powers and human beings.  Although myths are usually religious in their origin, they may also explain historical, scientific, or philosophical ideas about our world.  

Selene - Greek Goddess of the Moon

Folktale - is a story that is purely fictional and has no particular location in time or space.  Folklore is used to symbolically present the different ways humans explain the world they live in.  Folktales are about people (royalty or common) or animals who speak and act like people.   

The Sun and the Moon - A Korean Folktale

Legend - is a historical story about a subject from the past.  Legends concern people, places and events.  Usually the subject is a saint, king, hero, a famous person or a war.  Legends are always associated with a particular place and time in history.  

The legend of Raven in Native American Art

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