Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rangoli Art for Kids!

A rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. At Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes. 

Rangoli patterns are traditionally drawn with the fingers using flour, rice grains or coloured chalk. Rangoli can be square, rectangular or circular – or a mix of all three and they are often symmetrical. Rangoli motifs are usually taken from Nature - peacocks, swans, mango, or flowers.  Rangoli were originally done in small patterns of about 2 foot square, but now entire areas of floor can be covered in intricate designs, often produced by first drawing gridlines in light chalk.

  Simple rangoli design drawn with rice powder in the dirt 

Visit the Activity Village website for ideas to create your own Rangoli Design. 

To find out more about  Rangoli Patterns 



  1. Nice post! I was actually the web for some good and easy simple Rangoli designs with dots that I can start with since Diwali festival is coming. i am thinking if you can share some too. that'll be great help.


  2. Nice collection of Rangoli Designs. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  3. I love your collection of rangoli designs for kids, i enjoy looking at them. Thanks for sharing, i'll pin them to http://www.pinterest.com/kumar65/rangoli-designs/.